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Is acupuncture any good for sinus problems?

Q.  Is accuputure any good for sinus problems?

A. For such a common problem it is surprising how infrequently we are asked about whether acupuncture can help. An answer which we have given and which still seems current was:

As our factsheet shows

the evidence from the few trials there have been of sinus problems have not been that encouraging. This reflects the clinical experience of many practitioners, that sinus problems can be intractable and defy all attempts to relieve them. It would be good to be able to conclude that surgical options like rhinoplasty and sinus washes were the best alternative, but many acupuncture patients who come to treatment with sinus problems find that surgery has only offered temporary relief.

A great deal depends on the wider backdrop of your health against which the problems can be seen. Chinese medicine looks at the whole picture of someone's health, and it would be unusual for someone to be troubled by a single, quite unpleasant problem without their being other health issues, even if these are not particularly troublesome in themselves. It is this whole complex picture which can give the practitioner a better idea of what is happening and by the same logic a better idea of how difficult or how straightforward it will be to treat a problem. The best advice is to visit a BAcC member local to you so that they can offer a better assessment based on a face to face chat.

What we often find, however, is that there is often a lifestyle factor such as diet which is at least contributory to the problem. Many people eat a great deal of dairy produce in the form of milk or cheese, and this can often have aa significant effect on the body's fluids, from a Chinese medicine perspective making them more thick and less free-flowing. Cutting out some of these foods can often have a profound effect. A practitioner would very quickly be able to assess whether this was the case, and also consider other common contributory factors.
We think that this still remains pretty good advice. Each person is unique and different from a Chinese medicine perspective, and there are occasions when it becomes clear very quickly that the sinus problems have an obvious cause which is responsive to treatment. More often, though, people usually come to acupuncture treatment when the problem has existed for some time, and by this stage it has actually become a more fixed problem in itself, whatever the original cause. Your best bet is, as we said in the earlier response, to visit a BAcC member local to you for a more informed assessment based on seeing what is actually going on.

We have checked the databases again, and there is nothing new of interest. However, this is not entirely surprising; sinus problems are usually multifactorial, i.e. involving a number of separate causes, and it is quite difficult to design trials which can compare like with like.

The advice which we pretty much always give in these situations is to visit a local BAcC member for a quick chat about what might be possible. Five minutes face to face is often enough to make an assessment on the run about whether someone has factors which point to the potential benefit of acupuncture treatment, and most members are quite happy to give up a few minutes without charge to help prospective patients to make an informed choice.

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