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Can acupuncture help bad acne on the chin?

Q:  I am not sure if acupuncture would have any chance of helping with this, but I suffer from bad acne around my chin area - and I'm pretty sure this is related to hormones.   I am 29 years of age, and female.

A: There is some evidence that acupuncture can help acne, as out factsheet shows:

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However, we are interested that you think there is a hormonal connection because in someone your age acne is very often a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome, for which there is some, if conflicting, evidence about the value of acupuncture treatment, as our factsheet shows

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There is every reason to seek further conventional medical assessment to establish whether this is the case, because it can add to the understanding of the condition from a Chinese medicine perspective. Any accumulations of fluid in the body have significance from a Chinese point of view, and if there are other linked symptoms this will suggest possibilities for treatment.
If the problem is simply a local one, we believe that there may be some value in seeking acupuncture treatment, but we would also probbaly recommend that a prospective patient visit someone who is also trained in Chinese herbal medicine. Using herbal medicines can often offer daily treatment of a problem which in the case of skin problems seems to provide a better chance of 'breaking through' the pattern. Mist members of the RCHM are also members of the BAcC, so finding someone who uses acupuncture and herbs is not difficult.
However, any of the BAcC members local to you will be able to offer you honest advice and a brief face to face assessment of your problem to make a more informed recommendation than we can make remotely.  

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