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Would acupuncture cure edema?

Q:  Would accupuncture cure edema ?  Ive got it on a delicate part of the body due to an operation which I had 4 months ago  and after two months edema developed. Ive tried to alleviate  it by wearing tight underwear and massaging it down with vaselinge.  It goes away in the afternoon and evening but it  appears again in the morning.  Ive tried accupuncture for my eczema and it clears it up.

A: The fact that you have had acupuncture for eczema and it has worked for what can be a very intractable condition is a very good sign, and means that if it could work, it probably would.

 The concern that we have, though, is what may be causing post-operative swelling. In the first instance we would have to say that you should see your GP and then try to get a referral back to the surgeon who performed the procedure on you. 'Delicate' narrows the range of procedures, but not enough for us to be able to offer specific comment. After an operation any swelling should be investigated. The fact that it goes down on massage is probably a sign that it is not a major problem, but without further detail we can't really say more.


As a general comment, where there are local weaknesses caused by operations, sometimes by the scarring and scar tissue caused by incision, acupuncture treatment applied locally can have a significant effect. This may be even more the case if there is an underlying systemic weakness which prevents healing from taking place as efficiently as one might hope. The first port of call, though, is your GP. 



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