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Can acupuncture help scleroderma?

Q: On behalf of a friend, is there any point in trying acupuncture for scleroderma, at present in the lungs and skin.  I have had remarkable success with acUpuncture for rheumatoid arthritis.

A: In our view, there is always good reason to try acupuncture treatment! By its very nature, traditional Chinese medicine treats the person, not the disease, and the physical manifestation of a problem is seen within a picture of the whole person involving all aspects of their body, mind and spirit. We find that this can often be a very rewarding way of approaching auto-immune conditions where there is no obvious physical cause. This obviously doesn't mean that there is an alternate cause in mind or spirit, but from a Chinese medicine perspective symptoms are not the problem, simply an indication that the system as a whole is not in balance. Indeed, the earliest systems of Chinese medicine were asymptomatic, using the symptoms only as indicators of returning overall balance,

As far as research into scleroderma is concerned, there are a number of studies which are encouraging, good examples of which are

but even here this is far from standard treatment fare. Of course, one of the problems with conducting research is that to meet western research protocol standards as many variables as possible have to be taken out of the equation. Since scleroderma is a relatively rare condition and can present in many different ways, it is not that easy to assemble a meaningful sample and control group for testing.

However, as we have already said, and as you have personally experienced, acupuncture treatment can often provide remarkable benefits where there is not a great deal of conventional medical treatment available. We tend to take the view that there will always be a benefit, but how much and how sustainable are open questions. We rely on the probity of our members to set clear outcome measures and regular review periods to enable everyone involved to assess whether there is sufficient impact from treatment to warrant continuing for a longer time.

The best advice we can give you for your friend is to visit a local BAcC member for a brief face to face assessment of what might be possible. This will always be far better than any 'remote' answer that we can give.

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