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I have urticurial vasculitis can acupuncture help?

As you are no doubt already well aware, this is a relatively rare condition, and usually presents as a symptom of a number of auto-immune or connective tissue disorders. It is true to say, though, that much is still unknown about the problem.
From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, where the diagnostic process takes signs and symptoms and assesses them against an entirely different conceptual framework, there may be ways of interpreting how the condition manifests, and should this be the case, there may be some possibility of treating it. Even were this not to be the case, the earliest forms of Chinese medicine tended to be less symptom driven and more concerned with the balance of the system as a whole. Clearly, if this condition manifests as a sign of a widespread problem as seen in Western terms, then an overall perspective such as that applied by the more constitutional forms of acupuncture may be equally appropriate.
It is important to point out, however, that there is no research of any kind which suggests that acupuncture treatment may be effective, partly we are sure, because of the rarity of the condition and the problems of assembling enough people to make a trial worthwhile. If you did decide to consider treatment it would be best to seek a brief face to face discussion with a BAcC member local to you for them to give you a clearer assessment of whether your particular presentation might be amenable to treatment. If you go ahead, we would recommend that you set very clear outcome measures and review periods to ensure that you can assess whether it is worth continuing.
We often advise enquirers with skin problems to consider Chinese Herbal medicine as well as, or even instead of, acupuncture. Fortunately many of our members are dual qualified, and if you check the RCHM (Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine) register you may find that someone local to you is also a BAcC member. Chinese herbal medicine has built up quite a solid reputation for addressing skin problems, and we believe that there is something about the precise formulae created and the daily treatment regime which seems to work with long term skin problems. Ideally your practitioner could combine the best of both forms of treatment, should you both agree that this is worth trying. 

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