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Please advise if you provide acupuncture for 3 year olds. My son is turning 3 in August and suffers from eczema. Lately he has been having flair ups which are unrelated and I have no answers on dietary or other.

 Interestingly enough, the issue of treating children is very much a live one in the BAcC at the moment. Our members have always treated children, but over the years there has been an increasing recognition that children are not the same as little adults. Specialist courses have developed, and the BAcC has now recognised that there are expert levels of practice which might entitle a member to advertise themselves as an expert in treating children. The guidelines which will underpin this are not quite ready for publication, and so at this point we cannot give out the names of members who might meet these standards.

 However, if you use google with your location, 'acupuncture' and 'children' we are fairly confident that you will quickly identify someone local to you who has undertaken specialist postgraduate training. That is not to say that the ordinary BAcC member cannot treat children, only that someone who makes the treatment of children a focus in their practice is likely to have greater experience about dealing with children and recognising the patterns of disease unique to children.

Using google will also very rapidly identify the two or three major course providers for paediatric acupuncture, and some of these provide drop down lists of practitioner by area.

It is also commonly held view in the profession that skin problems are particularly benefited by herbal medicine, and finding someone with this additional string to their bow might be an advantage. Our members are often very helpful at directing prospective patients to members within their area whom they know personally and trust as experts in their field, and if all else fails you could almost certainly get a good steer from a practitioner local to you.

This remains the best advice that we can offer. We have checked the research databases to see if anything further has been published than the studies reported in our factsheet

but the evidence is a little thin. However, it would be fair to say that the trials which have taken place are not always accurate reflections of how we treat people, so the fact that results are not that impressive doesn't surprise us.

We often find that there are complex reasons for someone having eczema, but the crucial thing is finding something which breaks the cycle leading to a flare-up. If this can be done then it can stop the feeling that once it appears a little it will become a full-blown attack, as the worry of a possible recurrence can sometimes do.

We hope that you manage to track down a suitably qualified practitioner. In our experience children are great responders; if treatment is going to work it usually does so quickly.


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