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I have been diagnosed with discoid eczema. I have had several breakouts due to stress. The eczema is extensive, unsightly and extremely itchy. Can acupuncture help?

You may well find that acupuncture treatment is effective for you not simply because of the treatment for eczema itself but also for the treatment of the stress which seems to make it worse. As our two factsheets show

there is research on both which is mildly encouraging, and even more research into anxiety

'Stress is such a wide catch-all that unless you really start to unravel what stress means to someone it is very difficult to line up their definition with the kind of data you have to hand.

If we deal in conventional medical disease labels for skin problems we often find that the research to hand is not as good as we might hope. In our clinical practice, however, we usually find that it is rare for someone simply to have a skin condition without there being some other accompanying clinical features, and because we treat the person, not the disease, we almost always find that the wider context enables us to work with the root cause of the problem, not simply its manifestation. This may sound a bit pompous, but it really is the most effective way to work in our view, by understanding what the patient experiences within the context of their overall health picture.

The one factor which we invariably mention with treating skin conditions is that the received wisdom inside the profession is that Chinese herbal medicine treatment used in conjunction with acupuncture is often seen as the most potent combination for addressing chronic skin complaints. Most members of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine are also on the BAcC register, and it might well be worth your while to see if someone near to you is able to offer this combination of treatments. If not we are are sure that acupuncture alone may be able to offer some real progress, especially with the management of stress.

In all skin conditions, though, the real challenge is measuring progress, and we would always urge someone to try to establish a measurable outcome to assess whether treatment is really working. It can take a while for skin conditions to relent, and it is very valuable to have some sort of marker for improvement to judge whether treatment is starting to take root.  

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