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Acupuncture and skin conditions

Q:  Can acupuncture help manage a skin condition on my forearms,  topical treatments are not effective. Currently I am being kept awake by constant itching  arms.  I am unable to work due to flare ups and I become very distracted.

A:  It is very difficult to answer your question without a great deal more information than we have here. There is no doubt that the evidence for the use of acupuncture treatment, while far from conclusive, is encouraging enough to warrant seeking advice from one of our members about whether they may be able to help you. Looking at the condition at first hand, and also making a few basic diagnostic soundings, should give you a better idea of whether treatment would be of benefit.

Our website has a number of sections under the 'research' area in factsheets such as this one:


which speak of a few trials for eczema and psoriasis. Our experience, however, is that most presentations of skin problems are unique, not because they manifest differently but because they have to be seen in the context of someone's overall health and patterns of energy, and this can make a huge difference to how a problem is treated. Each one of a number of people with the same western named condition might be diagnosed differently in Chinese medicine, and this would lead to individualised treatment, not simply the application of a formula treatment.

We also tend to recommend that people with skin problems consider the possibility of seeing a BAcC who also uses Chinese herbal medicine. Most members of the RCHM, one of the main Chinese herbal medicine associations, are also members of the BAcC, and members of the ATCM, another leading body for Chinese medicine, use both modalities. Our experience is that skin problems seem particularly well suited to Chinese herbal medicine, and while we are sure that acupuncture treatment may be able to have an effect (at least to some extent) the daily regimen of herbal preparations seems to suit these kinds of problem where sustained daily treatment seems to pay off.

Not all problems of this nature are amenable to treatment, though, and we recommend that you make sure that you have some form of face to face assessment before committing to treatment. Progress may be gradual and that may mean a considerable financial outlay. You need to ensure that you have clear and measurable outcomes and regular review periods if you decide to go ahead with treatment.  

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