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Q. I am 37 weeks + 5 days pregnant and hope to deliver vaginally. However, my baby is breech, with a nuchal cord (x1), and I am RH negative. I want to do moxibustion to try to get baby to flip, but am worried about the possibility of negative side effects, such as placenta abruption or possibly tightening the cord. I have already done one session of moxi (at home) thinking it was safe, but as I search deeper online, I find that some say not to do it if the mother is RH negative.

Any insight would be much appreciated,



A. Our advice to members is certainly that Rh negativity is one of a number of conditions where we would strongly advise that they do not use moxibustion to attempt to turn a baby in the breech position. There might also be some concerns about using moxibustion at such a late stage in the pregancy.



In any case such as this our advice to members is to be guided by the midwife or consultant obstetrician in charge of the case. If they are happy for you to continue to use moxibustion, then that would based on their own clinical judgment. If they came to us for advice, however, they would be told what we have told you, advice which was put together by an expert working group of members trained both as acupuncturists and midwives, that we would not recommend to use of moxibustion in this case.

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