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Can it help morning sickness. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and suffering badly, is it safe in pregnancy ?

The BAcC's factsheet on nausea and vomiting makes the point that the research studies on the effectiveness of using acupuncture to deal with morning sickness are equivocal and need to be of better quality in order for it to be able to say without qualification that acupuncture can benefit in the case of morning sickness. Anecdotally we hear many, many stories and testimonials of how well acupuncture has been able to bring morning sickness under control, but there are a number of problems associated with setting up proper trials which mean that evidence of sufficient quality does not yet exist.


That said, one of the early papers produced by Dundee et al well over a decade ago


seemed to show that acupressure on a point very commonly used in acupuncture treatment seemed to relieve symptoms for over eight hours. Many women purchase and use the anti-sea sickness bands from their chemists as a way of self-treating, and as long as the care team is aware that there is a problem and that you are using something like this to help control it then all is well.


The only concern which we have is that occasionally patients have such faith that treatment will work that they stick with it long after they should have sought further medical help - it is very easy to become severely dehydrated and require to be on a drip, especially in severe cases where it is difficult to keep anything down.


As far as safety is concerned, the points commonly used to treat morning sickness do not represent any risk to the mother or baby. There are one or two points which are contra-indicated for this stage of the pregnancy, but aside from the fact that very few British practitioners will be using techniques vigorous enough to be a risk, all BAcC members are carefully trained in the knowledge of which points are to be avoided in pregnancy and other conditions.


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