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Flying in early pregnancy post receiving fertility treatment

Q:  I am currently receiving acupunture treatment for fertility and I found out I am pregnant 2 weeks ago. My acupunturist strongly advised that I do not go on my hoilday next week (2 hour flight) due to flying. Is it the general concensus among acupunturists that flying is not safe in early pregnancy?


A: There is no medical evidence that flying in the early stages of pregnancy causes any problems for either the mother or the foetus, and most airlines only start to become cautious if the return flight takes place in the later stages of pregnancy. The website of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is one authoritative source to which you can refer.
There are a number of practitioners who dedicate their time to working with women either trying to get pregnant or managing their pregnancy and labour with acupuncture, and some run training courses which are intended to pass on their knowledge and experience to other practitioners. One such practitioner makes recommendations to avoid flying
and if your practitioner was trained by her it is quite possible that this is where the injunction came from. You will see from her words on the subject, though, that her primary concern is the radiation, and she is ready to admit that there is no scientific evidence to support the stance.
We obviously cannot give you specific advice because we have no knowledge of your individual case, but we can say that there is no general consensus amongst acupuncturists that flying in the very early stages of pregnancy is to be avoided.

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