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I am 32+ weeks pregnant and I was thinking to begin acupuncture in the 37+ week. I read it can relief a lot the pain in labour and helps deliver quicker. Could you please advice me?

Q: I am very interested in Acupuncture.

I am 32+ weeks pregnant and I was thinking to begin acupuncture in the 37+ week. I read it can relief a lot the pain in labour and helps deliver quicker. Could you please advice me? Because it seems that midwifes and GPS don't know much about it.

A: As you can see from our factsheet on obstetrics

there has been a considerable amount of research into many areas of pregnancy, from early stage morning sickness through breech presentation and on to delivery itself. While the evidence is a long way from conclusive (it does tend to be, but this is more a reflection of the standards used in the West which may not be the most appropriate for evaluating acupuncture treatment), it does show a trend towards acupuncture treatment being worth a try for many of the problems/challenges associated with pregnancy/delivery.

Although we describe ourselves as generalists - we primarily treat people, not diseases or conditions - there are one or two areas where the training which we all have can be usefully supplemented by postgraduate training. In two of the most clear-cut cases, obstetrics and paediatrics, the training is now sophisticated enough to warrant a decision on recognising expert practice, i.e. someone can legitimately claim within our rules to be an expert at treating these specific patient groups. While we are not yet yet in a position to do this, ultimately it will mean that we can specify which training people have had and point to providers who all keep lists of their graduates and affiliates. In the absence of this, the best that we can say is that if you use google and search on 'acupuncture pregnancy' and your home area you will without doubt generate a number of hits, most of whom will be BAcC members.

There are a number of websites associated with the training providers which can be very helpful, often addressing many of the questions which people bring and have brought to their practitioners. The best advice we can offer, though, is that having located a person or people in your area who may be able to help you should arrange to see them for an informal chat to see how they can help you and also to see whether they are people you feel comfortable with. In most cases we would say that one practitioner is as good as any other, but childbirth  is a very intimate process and it would be especially good if you have confidence in and rapport with the practitioner. The earlier you establish this contact the better, even though you may not call on their services until near due date.

We are sorry that there is such a dearth of provision within the NHS. There have been a few hospitals like the Derriford in Plymouth which had a remarkable unit which incorporated acupuncture in all aspects of pregnancy, but that unit, like many others, has closed. The problem for NHS professionals is that most provision is evidence based, and as we said at the top, the evidence for the benefits of treatment is not quite good enough for NHS providers to bring acupuncture treatment within mainstream care. You may find some midwives with training in the basic skills, but these are few and far between.

We hope that you do manage to locate a good practitioner locally, and wish you every happiness with your baby's birth.

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