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I have a.bmi of 46.and am.currently 22 weeks pregnant and have pgp. Does bmi.effect how acupuncture works?


Hi. I have a.bmi of 46.and am.currently 22 weeks pregnant and have pgp. Does bmi.effect how acupuncture works?



We can say categorically that someone's BMI has no impact at all on whether acupuncture works. From a Chinese medicine perspective the body is seen as a complex flow of energy, called 'qi', and putting a needle into a point will have an effect whether the person's BMI is 15 or 50. Generally speaking there are often energetic reasons why someone gains a great deal of weight, over and above lifestyle considerations and straightforward heredity, and these may have an impact on how much progress someone can make, but that will all be a part of the picture which the practitioner builds up and works with.

Indeed, there is some very good evidence that acupuncture can help with PGP. Studies such as this one published in the BMJ seem to be very encouraging. In fact the same researcher went on to look at whether there was any potential for harm and concluded that while there may be some minor transient effects there was no serious risk

We are by nature a generalist healthcare modality, i.e. we treat the person, not the specific problems they have. In practice, of course, we are all able to go after specific symptoms as well as balancing up the whole system, but we believe that treating a symptom without regard to the whole is leaving things half finished. This means that we regard all of our members as capable of treating any patient who comes to them. However, we are close to reaching agreement on the treatment of pregnant women as an area of expert practice for which we have recognised postgraduate training. In the circumstances it would be highly advisable to go to someone who has had this kind of training and who has spent more time looking at the specific issues of pregnancy.

Unfortunately we haven't signed this work off yet, but we are pretty sure that if you type into google your place of residence, acupuncture and pregnancy it will generate a number of hits of our members who specialise in fertility and pregnancy issues. Failing that you could always call a local BAcC member and ask them to point you towards someone locally who has these skills. We are always very keen to see patients get the exact care they need.





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