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Can acupuncture help with blocked fallopian tubes?

Q:  I have been diagnosed with one blocked and one partially blocked fallopian tube, will I benefit from any treatment you can offer?

A: A great deal depends on what has caused the blockage. There are dozens of first hand accounts on the internet of women who have used acupuncture and herbal medicine after being diagnosed with blocked tubes who report that the treatment has caused the tubes to unblock. There are also a couple of sites where health professionals have speculated that the diagnosis of blocked tubes is not always accurate, and that some forms of internal examination can replicate the presentation of a blocked tube which on laparoscopy turns out not to be blocked and therefore may respond to treatment.


The majority view, however, seems to be that if there is a physical reason for the blockage, such as scarring following surgery, or after Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, or after the appearance of adhesions through endometriosis or chlamydia, then the chances of reversing the damage with acupuncture or any other non-surgical modality are relatively poor.


We do not like to be discouraging, but there is little or no evidence from research trials or even from case studies written up by health professionals that a blocked fallopian tube can be sorted out, and IVF remains the only option besides microsurgery for a woman wanting to become pregnant. The chances of microsurgery offering a solution will depend on what caused the original blockage and how severe the blockage is.

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