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what is the approx cost my problem is IBS

The cost of treatment varies around the country. In the Greater London area costs for the initial diagnosis session can be in the range of £50-£70, with subsequent sessions costing £30 - £50, whereas in other areas the costs can be as much as £10-£20 cheaper, with the first session costing £40-£50 and subsequent sessions £25-£40.



Most BAcC members are willing to reduce fees if someone is in considerable financial hardship, but this is a matter for each individual practitioner, and not something which the BAcC would require of members.


Each person is unique and different, so it is very difficult to generalise about how much a course of treatment will cost. If the condition is chronic and has existed for several years, it may take longer to encourage a healthy pattern to re-establish itself, whereas short term acute problems can sometimes respond very quickly.


As a general rule of thumb we say to patients that they can expect to have at least four or five sessions, and for the practitioner to review with them at this stage whether the change they have achieved is sufficient and sufficiently sustainable to make further treatment advisable. If the patient at this stage is confident thta things are on the move they can choose whether or not to continue to invest their money in further treatment.

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