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Can you tell me if you have treatment available for trigeminal neuralgia. Thank you.

Trigeminal neuralgia can be a totally debilitating and painkiller-resistant problem. Although we have had a number of anecdotal remarks from members that they have treated the problem successfully it would only be fair to say that an equal number report it as having not responded. As with tinnitus, another problem which proves remarkably treatment-resistant, the best that one can sometimes achieve is to make the condition a little more bearable.



However, Chinese medicine does operate from an entirely different conceptual basis from western medicine, and is premised on the even flow and balance of energy, called 'qi', in the body. Where serious pain exists this can sometimes be due to a straightforward blockage in the flow, and on occasions such as these there is some possibility that a few simple treatments may prove to be helpful. A well trained and professional practitioner would be able to tell you relatively quickly whether they thought there was some prevailing diagnostic sign which gave them confidence that treatment might be beneficial.


It is perhaps also worth bearing in mind that cranial osteopathy may help in cases like these. Structural alterations in the tempero-mandibular joint brought about by accidents, injuries and occasionally fairly agrressive dental procedures can generate neuralgia, and gentle manipulation may offer another possible solution.

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