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I have had tinnitus for years and I have insomnia, I recently have high blood pressure and I have started to feel a pressure on my head, I used to have migraines, but not now.

We have provided answers to other people's questions about tinnitus, insomnia and migraines on the site already, but what is interesting about your case is the mention of all three in the same presentation. One of the strengths of Chinese medicine, which operates from an entirely different knowledge base from conventional medicine, is that it can sometimes make sense of a group of named western symptoms in a way which would not make any sense to a western practitioner. This may point a Chinese medicine practitioner towards a particular syndrome or pattern which makes sense within the Chinese medicine framework and offers possible solutions within that same framework.



Tinnitus is a highly intractable condition, and the magazines put out by the support organisations testify to the fact that while one solution may work for somebody it rarely works for everybody. Some of the more symptom-based systems of Chinese medicine are equally clear about the relatively small number of cases which present a clear diagnostic pathway, and of these the kinds of 'full' symptoms such as high BP and migraine are not usual as accompanying symptoms.


The best course of action is to visit a BAcC member local to you and seek their advice on whether, with this background of related complaints, they believe that they might be able to help you. If you do decide to go ahead with treatment we would recommend that you keep your progress under constant review. Conditions like tinnitus are bad enough to encourage people to persist with treatment even when their practitioner wants to draw a line under the attempt, and we believe that a responsible practitioner will have the honesty to admit when there is no more that they can do.

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