Where can I find a Japanese style acupuncture near me?

A: We fear that you may find it rather difficult to find anyone who offers Japanese acupuncture in your area.

 The major problem that we have is that there are no undergraduate courses in the UK offering training in the various forms of Japanese acupuncture. This means that we have no database entries which means that we can day with confidence that someone initially trained in this style. Even this may not be helpful, however; many practitioners change their focus over time to another style of practice or amalgamate several, and we have not yet come up with a system for being able to provide specific referrals for the public.

 The best that we can suggest is that you use the postcode search facility on our home page to discover which BAcC members work locally to you. It would then make perfect sense to ring them up and ask whether they offer this as an option, or more importantly, whether they know someone locally who does. Their local knowledge is going to be much more precise than our national material, and practitioners often have informal networks in their areas to identify specific styles or specialisms for prospective patients.

 The only other alternative is to contact some of the associations or special interest groups to see if they are aware of people using Japanese acupuncture in your area or have trained people over the years. The Toyohari Association is one such http://www.toyohari.org.uk/. There are also a number of training providers, but we are not able to make recommendations for a number of reasons, so the google search under 'japanese acupuncture training uk' will generate three or four useful hits which you may be able to follow up. It is possible that they have lists of people who trained with them and whom, subject to data protection concerns, they might be able to name for you.

 We do hope that you manage to find someone. Japanese acupuncture is a very gentle form of treatment. However, there are many other styles which borrow heavily from the Japanese traditions, as for example Five Element acupuncture, and you may find that there are local practitioners who can offer something very similar.


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