I've had a strange feeling in my head since acupuncture for migraines

I've been having migraines for years but in January this year I had a 14 day session (triptans helped me) so I decided to try acupuncture.The doctor is one of the best ones in my country and she gave me homeopatics (Corpus callosum and some others) as well. I had needles in my head, ear and some other parts of my body to stop having migraines. It really helped and I don't have them anymore, but since the second meeting (1st needles in my head) I had some strange feelings. First I felt tingling in my head every single day and then after the 3rd meeting I feel very strange - no tingling but like a pressure in my head which seriously never stops and I have some eye troubles sometimes (one eye has a blurry vision etc) but always for a while. Also I have dizziness sometimes. It seems that I have it close to the places I had the needles and I am now wondering what can be the cause. Could it be the acupuncture/the homeopatics or anything else? I study medicine and I was going to a neurologist before (because of the headaches) and there was no problem found accept the migraines. But I got a bit scared now as I really feel strange every day.Today I stopped taking the homeopatics and at least I stopped feeling the dizziness I hope. What would you say might be the reason of the whole strange head problems?

A: We are very sorry to hear that you have had these problems, although we are pleased to hear that your migraines have cleared up.

The one possibility that comes straight to mind is that what you are experiencing is something which has been a component of the migraine itself for a long time but hidden by the much greater pain which you must have been experiencing. This may mean that you have to continue with treatment for a little longer in order to clear the energetic problems which were the root of the migraine, some of which we have heard described in the terms which you use.

We have given careful consideration to the range of odd symptoms you have had, and we don't think that there is much likelihood of these being as a result of treatment. The vast majority of what we would call adverse effects are transient. Someone might feel dizzy after treatment, but this would last for 24 to 48 hours at most, after which the system would recover to the initial starting point. The only occasions where this would not be the case would be where there was some actual physical damage to the body, and we would be very surprised if inserting needles on the skull could do this. It is just possible that there has been a small bruise which is causing a minor energetic blockage, but you would be able to feel this as a tender point on the head.

We are, however, a little concerned that you are experiencing eye problems. We don't think for a moment that this can have been caused by the acupuncture, but were it to happen to one of our patients we would be recommending that they saw their optician or optometrist fairly soon. It may be that this problem has nothing to do with the acupuncture treatment as such but has by coincidence arisen at the same time. Whether it is or not, it would be important to get this checked as soon as possible.

We are interested to hear that you are also using homeopathic remedies, and that some of the symptoms have abated now that you have stopped using them. We think that it may be a good idea to take stock of the situation with your homeopath/acupuncturist. She, after all, is the person best placed to understand what is going on, especially since she will know exactly what your energetic balance is and was, and how she hoped to treat it. This will be far more informative than anything we can offer here.

The bottom line, though, is that if the various neurological tests have shown nothing untoward, then there is very little chance that acupuncture has caused any physical damage to generate the symptoms you are experiencing. This would imply that the effects are energetic, and your practitioner should be able to add these to the diagnostic mix and deal with them. However, we would advise that you get your eyes checked anyway, just in case this is a contingent problem.

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