Can GCT be treated with acupuncture?

Q: Can GCT be treated with acupuncture?

A:There are a number of acronyms in medicine which have multiple meanings, and we are assuming with this one that you mean giant cell tumour. If it is something different do let us know.

If it is giant cell there is not a great deal that we could imagine to be gained from acupuncture treatment save relief from the pain of the secondary effects. We have checked the databases and found no evidence of formal research into acupuncture treatment of GCT, although there are a few websites which promote the idea of using Chinese herbal medicine to ameliorate the symptoms.

From a Chinese medicine perspective there are a number of points which have a direct impact on the bones of the body, and we have seen some very interesting results when it comes to fracture healing. However, although there is some research into problems like osteoporosis, there is nothing we can find which suggests that acupuncture can address the problem you have. The ancient Chinese would not have benefited from X-rays and scans, and would have diagnosed the problems according to their normal protocols for swelling of the joints and pains in the muscles and tendons. On this basis, there may be some hope that the worst of the pains can be kept at bay, but not much chance that the condition itself will be reversed or removed.

In cases like yours, though, so much depends on the unique nature of the person's energy, and making general pronouncements will never be as good as the opinion of someone who has seen the problems you have in context, i.e. along with all other aspects of your health and functions. This would enable you to get a much better idea of what is possible than we can offer at this distance. Find a local practitioner who is properly trained and qualified and ask what they think. If they offer cure or full remission be very cautious indeed. This may be more than anyone could sensibly promise.

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