Hi, i am suffering from fibromyalgia since more than 4 yeats now and have tried severl treatments .now i have decided to go for accupuncture. Its already been 11 sessions and i hardly see any improvement. I am taking sessions every day (except friday

It is rather difficult for us to comment on the clinical strategies of individual practitioners. Without reference to the notes or the patients themselves we are reluctant to make observations which may be then used to criticise or take issue with a practitioner.

in general, we can say that there has been some research into the use of acupuncture for fibromyalgia, as our factsheet shows


but it is far from conclusive. Our clinical experience is that it can take a very long time for the problem to resolve, and it is almost always a complex presentation involving both physical and emotional issues. When we take on patients with fibromyalgia we are always very clear that it will probably be a long haul, and that progress will be slow.

From this perspective we are a little puzzled about the frequency of your treatment. We would normally only treat someone this often in an acute situation, like a locked back, and this mirrors what happens in China where quite often a course of treatment will involve daily treatment for ten days. Without knowing exactly what your presenting symptoms were we are a little surprised that your practitioner has worked in this way. However, eighteen years of experience means that she may well have hit upon a way that works for her and for her patients, and if so and if her professional judgement is that this is an effective way to treat you, then it is worth sticking with it.

However, we are always very clear with our members that a patient to whom everything has been explained and from whom informed consent is given at every stage is usually a happy patient. We recommend that members review progress with their patients every five to ten sessions so that everyone is in the clear about how things are going. This also gives a patient  a chance to ask questions about what is happening. Good communication is everything!

Perhaps the best thing to do is discuss matters with your practitioner if you are feeling a little uncertain. Our view has always been that a responsible practitioner will always listen to patient concerns. If they don't, then that becomes a factor in deciding whether to continue!


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