I had acupuncture on my knee after 6 months of water on my knee. The hospital physio offered me acupuncture and put the needles into various points around the knee. She wiggled one of the needles which was painful and my knee got very stiff I couldn'

Accidents and adverse events following acupuncture treatment are quite rare. Where they do happen the majority are caused by a needle damaging a part of the body directly and immediately, and there is usually a very clear cause and effect relationship between the two, like puncturing a lung or causing a large bruise. As we said, though, in the UK these sorts of accidents and adverse effects are very unusual, as our insurance records show.

We do, though, often see people get a little worse after an initial session, sometimes for up to 48 hours and especially where we are treating a back of joint problem. The increased stiffness is quite common, and while there are several possible explanations for why this occurs, there is general agreement that the effect will wear off quite quickly and be replaced by a gradual improvement in the joint or back function.

Could acupuncture do done wrongly? Well, yes. It is always possible to needle too deeply or too vigorously, and this can have longer lasting effects. When someone has a pre-existing condition this becomes almost impossible to prove, because a practitioner will always claim, often legitimately, that this is just a worsening of the original condition which could have happened anyway. We have some sympathy with this argument; with over 4 million treatments a year there are bound to be times when treatment happens to coincide with a deterioration which is has not caused. However, the fact that one of the needles was wiggled and caused pain could indicate that there has been some deep bruising which is taking a long time to recover, especially if the joint is somewhat 'stuck' anyway. We would always expect this to clear up eventually, though.

We don't think that acupuncture per se would exacerbate an existing condition, though. Certainly from a Chinese medicine perspective we are trying to change patterns of stuck energy, and our experience is that if we do a treatment which the system does not accept it merely reverts to how it was before. This is, indeed, one of the challenges in treatment, because the 'habit' energy can be quite hard to dispel. We have rarely seen a condition get worse directly because of treatment, as we said at the beginning. 

We are sorry to hear that you are still being troubled in this way, and understand if you are not too keen on acupuncture treatment as a consequence. We do believe, though, that the use of traditional acupuncture rather than western medical acupuncture might still offer a solution to your problems and we would be happy to suggest that you visit a BAcC member local to you for informal advice on how best to proceed. Most of our colleagues are happy to give up a little time without charge to prospective patients, and this would give you a far better idea of what may be possible.

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