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Can facial acupuncture slow down ageing process?

Q:  I understand you can have acupuncture on the face, to slow down/ help with the ageing process!! Is this correct please? 

A: There has been something of a boom in recent years in the use of acupuncture treatment to reduce the appearance of ageing. There is little or no research to validate claims for success, but this is really no surprise. It is difficult to imagine how one could design a meaningful trial with objective outcome measures. However, when something is popular and enduring, which this appears to be, then there is usually something in it. You can fool some of the people some of the time.......!

There are literally thousands of practitioners operating in this field, not all of them professional acupuncturists with a full degree level training. We have said for many years that local interventions like this will only have enduring effect if they are underpinned by constitutional treatment. The face does reflect very well the overall balance of the person, and it would be unrealistic to expect to improve one part of the system when the rest of it is showing signs of overall imbalance and disruption. The best that one might hope for is a short term fix requiring further treatment a few weeks down the line. While this falls within the normal pattern of beauty treatment, we rather hope that our members that use facial/cosmetic acupuncture are aiming for something a little better.

There are a number of things you should check. First, is the practitioner properly trained? There are a number of

reasonably reputable courses around, and these are a minimum requirement, in our view. Some of the needle techniques are not within mainstream treatment, and the face is not a place for amateurish treatment. Second, is the person properly insured and registered for what they do? Many beauty practitioners take short courses without any information about safety, waste disposal, registration for skin piercing and proper insurance. This could have serious implications if something goes wrong.

Because we have yet to agree standards for this specific practice we have no way of telling which BAcC members offer this type of treatment. However, if you use our home page postcode search facility and retrieve a list of names, it should be fairly easy to search on google to see who offers this. Those who do tend to use it in their PR. If not, most practitioners know which of their colleagues to refer people to for speciality treatment, and it should take you very little time to find someone who can offer facial treatment alongside traditional treatment aimed at restoring balance overall.

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