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Is acupuncture advisable for nose correction?

I  have seen few vidoes of acupuncture for nose correction. I have a bulbous short ungrown nose. Is it safe to have acupunture treatment and is it permanent and are there any side effects?

This is not something on which we can really comment.

 We have looked at the video accounts to which you are probably referring, and although they look pretty impressive they do not bear a great deal of relationship to what we do as acupuncture practitioners in trying to adjust the energies of the body. This is rightly called acupuncture because it involves putting needles in the body but as far as we can see, apart from the use of Hegu, a point on the hand for acupuncture anaesthesia, the rest of the technique looks rather like a physical reworking of the tissues using a larger needles than most of us would consider.

 There are a number of individuals whose clinics in India and in the United States promise results which are not replicated elsewhere. We have found, for example, a clinic in the US and one in India which offer treatment for an eye condition retinitis pigmentosa for which there is very little successful conventional treatment. Our view is that given our community if there were to be a successful treatment for these problems then the word would spread rapidly and we would all be offering the treatment. The fact that the results, as genuine as they appear to be, are only generated by a small number of charismatic individuals makes us wonder whether there is something going on here which has more to do with the unique nature of the individual than the practices which they use.

 We are sorry not to be able to say more than this, but we would be highly reluctant to create unrealistic expectations unless we felt that this was something that any of us could help with, and our feeling is that this is not an undertaking which we could give.

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