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A member who specialises in treating chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

Q:  I am trying to find a member who specialises in treating chronic fatigue and fibrmyalgia in the north london south hertfordshire area

A:  We take the view that all of our members are competent to treat the vast majority of western named conditions with which patients present at their clinics, and therefore do not have specialists as such. There are one or two areas where we are developing guidelines for what we call 'expert practice' in which we recognise that for some groups of patients, especially children, pregnant women and people with mental health problems, there may be additional training which makes a practitioner better able to deal with the problems which they have. This does not mean that we would forbid our members from working with these groups without additional training, but we may decide that someone with this additional postgraduate training may be able to describe themselves as offering specialist practice.
Chinese medicine is very different from western medicine in one very central aspect - Chinese medicine treats the person, not the condition with which someone presents. It is founded on the belief that each person is a unique balance of energies, and that the skill and art of the practitioner lies in understanding the symptoms which someone has in the context of the patient's unique patters. This could mean thar twenty patients with headaches are treated in twenty different ways by a practitioner, a very different approach from western medicine. As such, we have practitioners who are skilled in treating people, not individual conditions which people may have.
In practice, we would advise that a prospective patient talks to a number of practitioners to determine for themselves who they would like to see. We have a search facility on our home page which means that you can quickly find all of the BAcC members close to your postcode, but it is important that you feel confidence in the practitioner, and all of us are more than happy to take a little time to explain who we are and what we do. Although we are all equipped to deal with problems like CFS and fibromyalgia, these can both be quite difficult conditions to treat, with results occasionally being very slow to gain and difficult to maintain, and having some experience of this can be an advantage in terms of managing expectations, from both sides!


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