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How can I find a practitioner who has a lot of experience in chronic fatigue syndrome?

Q: Your FAQ implies that chronic fatigue is a more difficult condition to treat. How can I find a practitioner who has a lot of experience in this specific condition?

A: We're not sure which specific FAQ you may be referring to, but it is true that the treatment of Chronic Fatigue syndrome can be more challenging than some health problems. We would hesitate to say 'difficult to treat' because in Chinese medicine we treat people, not conditions. That means for us that the overall balance and rhythm of someone's energies can have a profound impact on how a condition manifests and also how easily it may be treated. This can mean on occasion that a seemingly intractable condition can resolve very quickly where an apparently trivial problem can take forever.

 What is clear, though, is that CFS often responds to treatment, as our factsheet shows

 but it can often be a part of a complex overall presentation which may well have emotional as well as physical components. In some cases the emotional and mental issues can be integral to the development of the condition, and in other cases the emotional and mental consequences of the health issues can make it even more difficult to shift.

 We can understand why someone might want to see an experienced practitioner in these circumstances, but the reality is that nearly every presentation is unique, and all of our members are equally well qualified to make informed judgements about how best to treat the specific manifestation. The only reason where seeking a more experienced may have some merit is that treatment of CFS can sometimes take a relatively long time, and someone who has treated many cases will have lowered their expectations a little more than an enthusiastic newly qualified practitioner. On the other hand that enthusiasm is what sometimes achieves the unlikely, so as with all things in life, there are arguments both ways.

 Our members are the best source of advice for you, though. We are not in a position to say who is or isn't more likely to be what you are looking for, but we are pretty certain that if you contact a local BAcC member and ask them who has the most experience locally of treating CFS they are likely to tell you. Our over-riding concern is to do the best we can for prospective patients, even if that means referring them on to colleagues who we think may be better suited to their needs. 

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