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Taking the contraceptive pill with acupuncture?

Q:  I'm hoping to start a course of acupuncture within the next 2 weeks. However I'm currently taking birth control pills. I understand this can cause problems? Im currently in my 7 pill free days. would you advise I don't restart taking the pill and start the acupuncture?


A:  We are aware that there are some practitioners who feel that the energetic effects of contraceptive pills are sufficiently powerful to create imbalances in someone's overall energy, and have been known to give advice to the patient that they should desist. A good example of this kind of logic can be found on one of the leading US acupuncture sites
where the author stops short of saying someone shouldn't use them at all but speaks about the complications they cause in trying to establish balance in the system.
Our view is that you have to weight up the disbenefits of using elective medications like the pill against the disadvantages of not using them, in this case pregnancy or a potential return to menstrual problems which the pill can quite often be prescribed to deal with. If someone started taking the pill simply for contraception and is quite happy with the alternative methods, then that probably removes one or two consequences of treatment which make the overall patten clearer. A qualified practitioner, though, will be well aware of the likely energetic effects of taking hormones and factor that into their diagnosis.
Let's face it, if not taking the pill means that there is significantly greater risk of falling pregnant that is a life-changing event, and that has to be set against the problems for which you are seeking treatment. Our usual position is that it is better to carry on with the pill and work with the practitioner to see exactly how much it is impacting on the system before taking a step that may have very significant consequences.


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