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Is it normal to take tablets alongside acupuncture?

Q:  I have had four sessions so far but my practitioner also prescrobes herbal medicine Jin ui Shen Qui Wan and another capsule which has no name on the packaging - when questioned about what they are for she simply said they are herbal and wont do me any harm. Is it normal to have to take tablets alongside acupuncture?

A:  Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na (a form of massage), moxibustion (burning a warming herb) and cupping, as well as dietary advice and exercise (tai chi and qi gong). It is quite possible, therefore, to have chinese herbal medicine alongside acupuncture, and the BAcC has about 300 members who are also members of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and use herbs regularly, as well as a further 250 trained to use ready made herbal formulae.
Where a herbal product comes in a ready made form it is required by law to list the contents. If the formula is made up by the practitioner, then there is no need to list the contents, and in most cases the patient would be none the wiser if they did - we certainly wouldn't! However, if we had a list, it would mean that we could check if we wanted to, and that is the important thing. In the days of the internet it is possible to find out just about anything, and the patient has a right to know what they are being given.
We are sure that there are good reasons why the practitioner has not told you what they are giving you, probably to do with the rather obscure names of the contents, but a responsible practitioner will certainly accede to your request for a list of the contents. If that is not forthcoming, then you would be entitled to take that up with the professional association the practitioner belonged to, especially if it comes in packaged form and does not list what it contains. Capsules can be made by the practitioners, so this does not count as packaging, but industrially produced boxes would seem to indicate ready-made herbs whose contents should be listed.

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