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What is the difference between an acupuncture treatment and an acupuncture full body massage?

A:  We must admit to being a little stumped by this question. We don't quite know what an 'acupuncture full body massage' is and we googled it without any real success.

The only thing that we can think of is that this is being used to describe a form of Chinese massage like tui na which uses a knowledge of the acupuncture points and channels to reinvigorate the energy, or 'qi', of the body. There are a number of variations on this theme, although we find it a little surprising that someone would describe this as 'acupuncture full body massage'. The other possibility is that someone offers both modalities, and this is some sort of shorthand for a session which might involve both.

We have to admit, though, that this did ring an alarm bell because there are, like it or not, a number of practitioners out there with very poor qualifications and training who offer all sorts of strange hybrids. We find this dispiriting, because anything which they do reflects on all of us, and this is why we have maintained our call for the statutory regulation of acupuncture for over twenty years.

However, we would not want to be unfair to someone who may be doing legitimate work. If they are, there is every probability that they belong to a reputable professional association with a published code of conduct and register, and equally a probability that they will be happy to explain exactly what they are doing and where they trained to learn how to do it. If neither is the case, or if you are not satisfied with the explanation, it is perhaps best to go elsewhere.


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