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Practising acupuncture on volunteers

Q: Is there a need for people to practise on. So students get experience. If so how can I offer myself as a person to be practised on.

A:  Most of the teaching institutions run college clinics in which patients can get heavily subsidised treatment under the direct supervision of highly experienced acupuncture tutors, but this is not quite the same as being practised on. The nature of acupuncture treatment is that it is evolutionary and dynamic, so a patient would remain under the care of a single practitioner for several sessions while he or she assessed the impact of the treatment and how to refine it. This is essentially a normal course of treatment, and the days of sticking needles in onself, each other or in human volunteers to learn the techniques are largely gone. Many students practise on prosthetic limbs carefully designed to replicate the 'feel' of needling a real human arm or leg.
If the idea of being a patient in a student clinic is one which interests you, however, there is a list of accredited institutions whose graduates are automatically eligible for entry to the BAcC to be found on the website of the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board,

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