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Acupuncutre for the treatment of Lupus

Q: Is there any evidence for the use of acupuncture in the treatment of Lupus? I have been told it is considered to be a contraindication by the Lupus organisation.

A:  There is a small amount of evidence that acupuncture treatment may be of benefit for people suffering with lupus/SLE. Studies such as this:
seem to point to a worthwhile benefit, but it is a single study with a relatively small sample group, so we cannot really put too much emphasis on the results. A much larger study would need to be done, and also need to be replicated by other researchers for us to make any specific claims.
One problem, of course, is that SLE can manifest in dozens of different ways, and at various levels of severity. There are very likely to be cases at the less serious end of the spectrum which go undiagnosed, and some which are diagnosed where the symptoms are relatively few and possibly respond well to treatment. At the other end of the scale there are severe cases which do not respond at all, and many of us have find memories of a professional colleague who died from SLE many years ago for whom enormous amounts of acupuncture were of no benefit.
The best view to take is that from a Chinese medicine perspective we treat the person not the disease. This means that although twenty people may have a standard named western condition, each one of the twenty may be diagnosed differently in Chinese medicine. The theoretical basis of CM is underpinned by a concept of energy, called 'qi', and its correct flow, rhythm and balance, and by an understanding of the Organs as functional units which do more than the western correlates (hence the capital letters). A skilled practitioner would look at the unique presentation of symptoms and make sense of these in terms of changes or disruptions in the flow and changes in the function of the Organs. This could mean that some cases were more amenable to treatment than others, but in every case would mean that the treatment was unique and different just as each individual is unique and different.

 Our best advice is to visit a BAcC member local to you and seek their advice. There is no substitute for a face to face assessment of what may be possible. From a western perspective there is no 'cure' for SLE, but from our practical experience this is just one of a number of auto-immune diseases where we have seen a considerable slowing down or halt in the disease process, and for many patients 'getting worse slower' is a viable and valuable treatment aim.

 As far as contraindications are concerned we have looked at all of the lupus organisation websites and have not seen anything which seems to contraindicate the use of acupuncture. If you have seen one we would be grateful to be sent details. If there is actual evidence of potential detriment we need to see it, and if not, we may need to discuss with them why they are 'dis-recommending' acupuncture. In severe cases where the immune system is badly compromised, our members all have clear guidelines to ensure that they minimise the risk of opportunistic infections, but we have never heard of any cases of problems arising as a consequence of treatment. 










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