Can acupuncture help ADHD in children? :

A:  This question illustrates the problems we have with published research and its use and interpretation. There is a systematic review published a little while ago

which appears to be quite encouraging, citing as it does the cumulative results of 13 studies. While we would normally be quite positive about this, making our usual comments  about this bearing out our clinical experience, the reality is far more complex.  In fact, the Cochrane database assessment of the value of acupuncture treatment is far less encouraging

 Many of the cases we see and have seen are very complex, and some of the manifestations of what can often be a very broad brush clinical definition are a great deal easier to treat than others. In all cases, though, it is making sense of the symptoms within the overall presentation which matters, and the labelling of all sorts of presentations under the one diagnostic banner headline can be misleading.

 That said, paediatric acupuncture is an area of specialism within traditional acupuncture where some of the postgraduate training has reached a stage where it may be formally recognised as the basis for claiming expert practice. In the source texts used by the courses there are several clearly identified syndromes which fall under the general heading of ADHD and some well tried treatment protocols, along with lifestyle advice, which may be beneficial.

 Rather than say blithely 'it will work' we would advise you to try to find someone in your area who has undertaken this postgraduate training and ask their advice. If it is you own child who has the problem then we would recommend that you try to arrange a brief face to face consultation to see what may be possible. Our internal procedures don't allow us to make individual recommendations, but if you use the google search terms 'acupuncture children' and the town where you live we strongly suspect that you will find someone who has undertaken training with some of the well established postgraduate courses. That is not to say that any of our members may not be able to help, but children are not simply small adults, and there are specific problems which they face which may require slightly more fine tuning than is found in ordinary generalist practice.



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