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This is three weeks post treatment the back, my ankle and my hand still hurt.

Q. I had a reaction to a treatment, I had bad back so the practitioner bled the back of my knees and I fainted after she had finished. As I fell I hurt my ankle whick I told the practitioner but my hand where one of the needles were has gotten progressively painful, could the fall and the needle in my hand have caused damage. What can I do. This is three weeks post treatment the back, my ankle and my hand still hurt.

A. We are very sorry to hear of your experience. It certainly sounds highly unfortunate on all counts.

As far as the specific damage is concerned, any fall involving the ankle can take a long time to resolve. If you twisted the ankle on falling and pulled the lateral ligaments these can take several weeks to recover. However, when a pain continues like this, it is always best to seek medical advice. Broken ankle bones are not common from a simple fall but they can happen, and if you have chipped or cracked a bone you need to know this so that you can get help by way of bandaging or special boots to enable the bones to heal.

As far as the hand is concerned, it is not clear from your question whether you fainted with the needles still in place or after they have been taken out. If they were out you would need to follow the advice given above and get the hand checked by your doctor. If you were unconscious when you fell it is possible that you have broken a bone or torn a ligament. If the needles were still in place the other possibility is that one of them has been forced a little further than usual into the tissue and caused internal bruising far enough beneath the surface of the skin to be undetectable at the surface. This can take up to three or four weeks to disappear without necessarily showing any external trace.

What we always say in these circumstances is to go to the GP to get the areas checked for actual physical damage. This will almost always reveal what caused it, and in your case the fact that you had a heavy fall may account for the pain you are still experiencing rather than being an adverse effect of the acupuncture treatment itself. However, if the needling of the points behind the knee was a contributory factor in your fall then you may have grounds for pursuing an insurance claim against the practitioner for what has happened. It isn't our job to go around encouraging people to make claims, but we all have professional insurance in case accidents happen, and this may be just such a case.

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