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Can acuputure related to fertility cause boils?

Q. Can acuputure related to fertility cause boils???

A. A great deal depends on where the boil or boils are situated. If they have come up at the exact spot where the needles have been applied, this would be worthy of further investigation. Adverse events like infection from needling are very rare, and only happen in countries where hygienic procedure is poor. If someone follows the simple safety procedures and uses single use disposable needles, then infection is almost impossible. The only reason might be that the person had something like an oil on the skin which the needling had pushed into deeper dermal layers. This is the reason that our members are instructed never to apply massage oils and then needle unless they have properly cleansed the site.

If the boils have come up somewhere else, then it is highly improbable that the acupuncture treatment has been responsible. Systemic infections arising from acupuncture are unheard of in the UK. It might just be possible to make a case in Chinese medicine for the release of pathogens to cause something like boils but not boils themselves which are very clearly an infection.

The best advice that we can give is that you see your GP, if you haven't already done so, and seek treatment with antibiotics. There are a number of varieties of swelling and inflammation like this and it is important to establish as soon as possible exactly what is going on.

It might also be worthwhile checking in with the practitioner to alert them to what has happened. We record things like this in our notes so that there is a clear audit trail and so that we can just check whether there is a possibility, however remote, that the treatment might have been involved.

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