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Continuing severe pains despite many acupuncture treatments

Q:  Unbearable pains of body, muscles,nerves.bones,sprain,numbness,twisted feeling from head to toe due to acupuncture treatment over  30 days @twice a week,half hour each for diabetes,bph-prostate enlrgd. A tv doctor in Bangalore advised me to continue acupuncture treatment inspite of severe  kinds of pain.

A:  We have to be careful how we express this, but the first thing to do is to seek conventional medical advice about what is happening to you. These would be most unusual adverse effects of acupuncture treatment, the majority of which are transient and rarely have any impact after the first 48 hours. For something to continue for this long and to such effect would be unusual, so it needs investigating soon. We say this because we have come across a number of cases over the last few years where some really extreme symptoms have started at around the same time as a patient has started having acupuncture treatment, and it is a natural and obvious assumption to make that one has caused the other. Rather than spend time arguing about whether there is a causal connection or not, it is vital to get the problems analysed in case there is treatment which would help or even be necessary.

If, however, it is a result of the acupuncture treatment there are only a few reasons which we can think of where something like this can happen. Physical damage I think we can rule out; you do not appear to have had a single treatment after which everything went wrong. The possibilities are that the treatment is done too vigorously for you, the frequency of treatment is too much for your system, or more rarely, you are one of a small percentage of patients for whom acupuncture is not a good treatment.

In the last case we do find on occasion that there are patients who react too strongly to acupuncture treatment, and it stirs up far too much in the way of reactions. In these cases all that we can do is advise other forms of treatment which are less disturbing to the system. Gentler manipulative therapies like cranial osteopathy or regimens like homeopathic treatment may the best option.

If the treatment is too frequent this can sometimes cause problems. Since the system is a self-enclosed whole, anything which stirs things up could cause all sorts of apparently unrelated problems elsewhere. One of our old teachers used to use the analogy of cleaning a muddy pond. When you do this the water becomes cloudy and you really can't see how well things are until the residual mud has settled. If you keep stirring things up the water will be perpetually cloudy. Reducing the frequency of treatment may help matters settle down.

If the treatment is too vigorous this is simply a matter of discussing with the practitioner whether he or she could use fewer needles, less vigorous needle action, or less powerful acupuncture points. Treatment always has to take into account the patient's overall health, and just as you wouldn't give a sports massage to a 90 year old, there are treatments which may be too powerful for a person to deal with. 

This really comes down to communication with the practitioner. If he or she can say with confidence that what you are suffering now is on a pathway to better health, then you could choose to continue. If your own doubts are growing, then simply take a break from treatment and see if the symptoms relent, in which case you have your answer. In any event, we still think that getting a conventional medical perspective is important. These symptoms may be indicative of another as yet undiagnosed problem, and we would be remiss if we did not direct you to your GP for advice and direction. 

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