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I am considering acupuncture for smoking cessation

Q:  I am considering accupuncture treatment for smoking cessation.  i had this before some years ago combined with Chinese herbal medicine herbs and it worked wonderfully well, now i can't afford the herbs, just the accupuncture.  i have been offered 5 appointments of 45 minutes each over 2 weeks for £150 total for accupuncture treatment.  Do you think I will manage to give up smoking again with this treatment without the herbs?  i just relapsed the last 3 months due to severe family upsets. After being a non smoker for 12 years, i would value your opinion.  i have been diagnosed with schzophrenia in the past since 1992 and just recently have a new diagnosis of personality disorder instead. 

A:  This is a difficult question to answer.   It is impossible to say whether it was the acupuncture, the herbs or the combination of the two which made such a successful impact on your cigarette smoking before, so the only way to find out, we suppose, is to see if the acupuncture alone can do it. There's no doubt that the fact that you managed to stay off cigarettes for twelve years would seem to indicate that you are more likely to be able to give up again, especially if the circumstances which brought about your relapse have resolved a little.


However, there are never any guarantees with treatment for giving up smoking.


We wish you the best of luck! 



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