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I suffer from excessive sweating

Q:  I suffer from excessive sweating when any exercise (walking short distances, playing golf and the gym (the worst)) takes place or when I feel under pressure or nervous.

It feels like the heat mostly comes from my feet and a general high body temprature which makes chest sweating and head sweating a regular occurrence

Does Acupuncture help reduce sweating?


A:  Hyperhidrosis can be a very difficult social problem, aside from the discomfort which it causes. There is often a vicious circularity about its occurrence, too; being worried that it might happen can easily create the conditions where it does.
There is not a great deal of research which we can quote, not because it doesn't exist but because most of it has been done in China and is not methodologically rigorous enough for us to quote. The Chinese researchers often begin from the premise that acupuncture works and want to find out what works best, whereas the focus in the West remains whether it works at all, which demands a much more complex and expensive set of rules.
However, Chinese medicine has a different way of looking at human physiology, underpinned as it is by theories about the flow of energy, called 'qi' in the body. A symptom such as excess sweating points to weaknesses in specific parts of the system, and offers some chance that correcting the imbalances in this area may have an effect on the symptom. Of course, nothing in life is that simple, and the reality is that the appearance of a symptom does not mean that there is a straightforward correspondence between the symptom and a part of the system directly responsible for it. The problem may well lie elsewhere in the system, and the skill of the practitioner lies in making sure not that the alarm bell gets turned off but that the reason it is ringing is attended to.
It would be very worthwhile to visit a BAcC member local to you to get face to face advice on whether they think acupuncture would be a good option for you. Some of the more obvious causes, viewed from a Chinese medicine perspective, might be immediately apparent and might enable them to give them to give you a good idea of how successful treatment might be. Even if the immediate cause is not apparent there may still be reason nto give acupuncture a go. There is certainly evidence that it can help in dealing with anxiety, and this may itself help to break the cycles which make the symptom persist.        

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