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Q: I suffer from severe hyperhydrosis, (severe excessive sweating), specifically of the head, face and neck. This condition is very distressing and frankly is ruining my life. Please can you tell me if acupuncture is an appropriate therapy for this condition? I have had acupuncture previously (about 15 years ago) for back pain, and it worked beautifully, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sensation, I found it very relaxing.


A:  We have been asked this question before and we replied:




We always stress in cases such as yours that the different way of looking at the body and its functions in Chinese medicine can sometimes offer additional possibilities for treatment. Although, as we said, there is not a great deal of research evidence accepted in the West, in China nearly every condition has been researched at some stage, including hyperhydrosis. Results are often slightly equivocal - the question becomes not 'does it work?' but 'how much does it work and how sustainable is the improvement?' - but this reflects life; some people improve after treatment, others don't.
We can say with certainty that treatment at the hands of a properly trained and qualified practitioner will not do you any harm, and the practitioner may, by assessing your problem in the light of what else is happening in your system, be able to offer some help. The best advice, as always, is to contact a BAcC member local to you and ask their advice face to face.




We would add, though, that if you have had some success with acupuncture treatment before this bodes well. We often find that 'good responders' enjoy similarly good results from treatment for a variety of ailments. The underlying theories of acupuncture often ascribe the changes achieved by treatment not to the specific treatment of symptoms but to the re-establishment of the overall balance. If someone has a symptom which responds to this overall re-balancing, it is probable that other symptoms will be amenable to treatment.





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