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Can an armpit lump be treated by acupuncture sessions

Q:   Can an  armpit lump be treated by acupuncture sessions. On average how many sessions are requried for such kind of health conditions ?


A:  Our first response to this question would be to ask whether you have had this problem examined by your GP. Any unusual lump on the body needs to be examined carefully, and especially in the areas where there is a concentration of lymph glands. If you have not done so already we advise you to see your GP soon to have the lump examined. The majority of lumps are benign but if this indicates a problem the sooner it is dealt with the better.
From a Chinese medicine perspective there are a number of systemic reasons why lumps appear, and also local blockages. In either case a practitioner should be able to give you a rough indication of whether they think it can be treated with acupuncture and if so how likely it is to resolve. Most BAcC members are very careful not to commit patients to extended treatment unless the treatment is showing signs of really benefiting the problem, and most again would not go beyond four or five sessions if there was no real sign of change. They would at very least review the position with a patient at this point.
It would be impossible to say how many treatments would be needed, however. There is such a large variety of possible causes, some of which might be easier to treat than others. we advise you to seek the advice of a BAcC member local to you. They will be able to give you a much clearer idea in a brief face to face assessment.