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Acupuncture and fibrolipoma

Q:  Is there a treatment for fibrolipoma.(large midline subcutaneous cervico-dorsal lipoma measuring 15.5(cc)x71.(AP)x16.3(Tr)CM in size

A: There is little or no research evidence to suggest that acupuncture treatment can be used with fibrolopomas of this size, indeed little or no evidence for the treatment of fibrolipomas at all. However, this does not mean that they have not been treated, simply that there has been no systematic attempt to gather a trial group together and test acupuncture against a suitable control group.
Traditional acupuncture is premised on the flow of energy, called 'qi', whose flow and balance is seen to be integral to the maintenance of good health and absence of symptoms. Where conditions like fibrolipomas develop, this is generically viewed as a blockage in the flow, and also at a very generic level often seen as an accumulation of fluid, called Damp in Chinese medicine, which has become more solid under the influence of Heat or other factors to form Phlegm, the Chinese name for these kinds of lumps and bumps.
In theory, there are both systemic and local treaments for dealing with these problems, and all of us have good anecdotal accounts of addressing problems like these on a relatively small scale. However, if we have read the dimensions correctly, this is an immense growth, and we would not expect acupuncture treatment to make a great deal of impact on such a lipoma. When things have reached this stage, surgical options may the best thing to consider. It might be worth establishing whether there is an energetic imbalance which contributes to the pattern, so that after surgery there is more chance of ensuring that the fibrolipoma does not return, but we do not think that acupuncture would be a very good primary treatment for the problem.      

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