My age is 28 and weight is 36 kg. I'm very much under weight. Can acupuncture treatment help me to gain weight..?

Q:  This is quite different from the usual enquiries about weight loss!

A: However, the first thing we would want to know in any case like this is what conventional medical investigations had been done, especially checks on many of the hormones of the body, to see if there are any major issues about uptake of nutrients or excessive burning off through, for example, an elevated thyroid function. We would also need to ask, as delicately as possible, whether there were any issue with food in the background, periods of anorexia in teenage years, from which the system has not yet fully recovered and re-balanced. And, of course, we would always ask about the rest of the family - it used to be said that oaks beget oaks, and willows beget willows. If someone comes from a family who are all slightly under-weight according to the charts which people use as a defining standard, then the chances are that this is a normal state for them.

 We would also want to ask a great many questions about food intake and appetite. Many people eat their meals at the wrong time of day, and often have foods which do not suit them, and this could well reduce their chances of gaining weight. This is much more likely to result in the opposite phenomenon, though, and we have to be honest and say that we have not come across people who have lost weight through eating the wrong types of food at the wrong time of day.

 The best that we can say, really, is that if the system is in balance, then unless there are physical reasons which prevent someone reaching a target weight they should be able to achieve some weight gain by the simple expedient of eating more. When looking at someone's digestion from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective we would be looking at their digestion, distribution and absorption processes to see if there were any signs that these were not working as they should. Such is the nature of Chinese medicine that this in itself would not be enough. It is critically important to see these functions within the context of the whole system, and that is why twenty people with the same symptom may be treated in twenty entirely different ways - we treat people, not conditions.

 The best advice we can give, however, is to visit a local practitioner to seek face to face advice about what is going on. If they can see something straight away which might indicate that there was an issue in your system that might be addressed and help your problem that would be a good basis to give treatment a try. Even if there weren't treatment of the person as a whole to re-balance everything can have a remarkable effect. What we advise people to avoid, though, is getting drawn into prolonged treatment at great expense without any real results.

 In your case, it would be important to establish what a reasonable target weight was, and also to research what kind of pace this change would need using conventional methods, i.e. not just gaining weight but doing so in a way which was sustainable and good for the body. This 'expert' could gain five pounds this weekend  by eating cream cakes but not in a way which was good for the body, or its shape. This would/could determine how much treatment might be necessary and over what period. If the desired change could take six months it might be unrealistic and unnecessary to have weekly treatment. It'a a bit like watering a plant; the plant has to have time to absorb and can't simply be watered daily to make things happen faster.

 We hope that this helps, and are sorry we can't be more specific, but this really is one of those cases where we would actually need to see what is going on to give more specific advice.

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