Can acupuncture help numbness in feet?

Q:  I have numbness in my feet (not 100%)which prevents me from falling asleep and is generally most uncomfortable. It is apparently not related to diabetes - according to medical tests - nor to a neurological condition. Can acupuncture help?

A: The short answer is that it is difficult to say! Had you gone to one of our members before seeking any other treatment they would have referred you back to your GP for tests for diabetes and for further neurological assessment. Given that both of these have been done and nothing has been found, the next question would be whether the condition developed slowly or whether it had a sudden onset. This might point to an injury or set of circumstances which might explain its occurrence.
In broad terms Chinese medicine is based on a theory of energy, called 'qi', the flow, balance and rhythms of which maintain the body, mind and spirit in healthy function. There are a number of internal and external causes which can disturb the flow, and also a number of constitutional factors which predispose people to certain types of symptom. The practitioner will cover a great deal of ground trying to understand the unique balance of each patient to find the most effective means to try to address the problems.
In the case of symptoms such as numbness, there are functional reasons why this can occur, and it is a recognised part of several syndromes. If this were the case the practitioner would expect to find other parts of the same pattern in someone's health, not necessarily as symptoms, but just as features of daily living which they have come to accept as 'normal', like bruising easily. There may be more localised reasons for the symptoms, although the fact that both feet are involved tends to suggest otherwise - an identical bilateral local blockage would be unusual.
There is such a wide range of possible interpretations based on diagnostic evidence which we do not have that realistically the only way you are likely to get an informed answer to whether acupuncture treatment will help would be to see a BAcC member local to you for face to face advice. It is the kind of condition which we often find ourselves treating when conventional explanations have yielded no answers, but not every condition is necessarily treatable by acupuncture, and a responsible practitioner will want to see how the problem manifests before committing you to treatment. 


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