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Is acupuncture effective for tennis elbow?

A: As far as the condition itself is concerned, as our factsheet shows:


there is a small amount of fully researched evidence that acupuncture can provide short-term relief for the problem. The criteria for quotable research set the bar very high by employing research requirements more suitable for drug testing, the randomised double blind control trial. In daily practice tennis elbow is one of the more frequent named conditions for which people seek help from acupuncturists. Our usual recommendation to patients is to have two, three or four sessions along with trying as much as possible not to have to do the sorts of things which brought the condition on. 

We tend to look for regular reviews after four or five sessions and measurable outcomes - range of movement, weight bearing etc - to ensure that a pattern does not develop of ten or more sessions without any result. This tends to make unhappy patients, so we are very clear about drawing a line if there is no discernible change after the first few sessions.

On balance we think that the best advice we can give you is to visit a BAcC member local to you to see what they make of the problem that you have and by virtue of a face to face assessment offer you a very clear idea of what may be possible for you. 

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