My step Mum has arthrisis in her left knee, can acpuncture help her? Thank you

As you can see from our factsheet on osteoarthritis here
there is a substantial amount of good quality research suggesting that osteoarthritis of the knee may well benefit from treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion. We understand that acupuncture was seriously considered for inclusion within the NICE guidelines for the condition on the basis of some of the very large German trials, but a technicality about the results prevented this from happening.
As we have to remind people about all osteoarthritic conditions, there comes a point where the degeneration of the joint makes treatment less successful and possibly not worth trying and where surgical intervention becomes the best option, although even at this point there may be some pain relief which treatment can offer. For chronic conditions, however, there appears to be a great deal that acupuncture can do to reduce pain and increase mobility.
Each presentation is unique and different, and we would recommend that your mother visits one of our members to get a better assessment of whether treatment may help. The nature of Chinese medicine is to see symptoms within the context of the overall patterns of energy, and this can give the practitioner a much clearer idea of how successful treatment may be and whether there are other health issues which may enrich the diagnosis on which they would base their work.