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Lumbar facet sprain causing inflammation in lower left back

A:  I am 8 weeks pregnant and have a lumbar facet sprain causing inflammation in my lower left back. a physio friend (who doesn't know i'm pregnant) suggested acupuncture to help relieve some of the tension and inflammation but my chiropractor suggested acupuncture may not be 100% safe in the first trimester.would it be 100% safe for the type of acupuncture i would require?


Q: Backache and lower back pain, together with nausea and morning sickness, are among the most common reasons for women to seek help from acupuncture treatment in early pregnancy. There are well-established protocols for treating all of these without any risk to the foetus, and all properly qualified practitioners are aware of the acupuncture points which it is best to avoid during the first trimester. Even this may be an over-cautious approach; not only are there no recorded instances of acupuncture causing adverse effects in this way, but it is also unlikely that anyone practising in the UK uses needle techniques with sufficiently strong stimulation to risk any adverse effects.
There is an interesting case study published by a medical colleague which details the treatment of low back pain, and he makes the point in a more formal fashion.
Worth a read, if a little technical. There are also dozens of practitioner websites which discuss the use of acupuncture for low back pain in early pregnancy.
It is always worth discussing with your practitioner, if you decide to go ahead with treatment, any fears or concerns you may have. We are sure that they will set your mind at rest.

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