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Back pain for two years can acupuncture sort this out.

Q: I had a back pain about 2 years,I am still going to a physiotherapits. Before I visited the physiotherspist nobody knew about the problem.  They simply said  it was a mechanical problem in my back.  I want to know  is there any way to sort out or find out what the problem is  through any MRI/CT SCA etc. Is there any treatment for the so called mechanical problem?


A:  It is very difficult for us to comment on this. Our expertise is not sufficient to comment authoritatively on the management of your case. Our understanding, though, is that if there is a mechanical problem some form of X-ray, MRI or CT scan should be able to identify it, although it has been our experience of taking on 'last resort' patients that there is sometimes presumed to be a mechanical problem even though the evidence for the problem is not that clear.
What we do find on occasion is that there are sometimes links between visible problems and the pains which people experience which may not always be directly causal. Many people over the age of 50, for example, have some deterioration of the lower spine through wear and tear which shows up on an X-ray, but not everyone with back pain in this group suffers it because of the wear and tear, although it is often assumed to be the case.
Acupuncture has been shown to be effective for low back pain, as our fact sheet shows, please click here
and you may find that if the treatment route you are currently following does not resolve the problem, you might benefit from seeking the advise of a BAcC member local to you to see if they feel that they could help your problem.
The one observation we would make is that sometimes we treat people who have pains for which they want to know the exact cause is, and after the treatment has resolved the problem neither the practitioner nor the patient is any the wiser of what the specific problem was from a western point of view. This can seem quite odd, but Chinese medicine is based on an entirely different way of looking at the body and its problems, and the overlap with western medicine is not always exact.

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