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How soon following a herniated disc and muscle spasm can I undertake accupuncture?

A: There is no reason not to undertake treatment as soon as possible after an injury to the lower back or the manifestation of a lower back problem. In Chinese hospitals it is routine practice to use courses of acupuncture daily as soon as possible to ensure that the blockages and after-effects of the initial problem do not consolidate into a longer-term chronic problem which becomes all the more difficult to shift.
We are not quite clear from your question what the extent of your problem is and what treatment you may already be having or have had for it. We are confident, however, that if you visit a BAcC member local to you for advice and potentially for treatment they will ensure that there is nothing in your unique circumstances which would make the use of acupuncture inadvisable. Factors which they might take into account would be any surgery you may have had and any advice from you GP or consultant. If they had any doubt about proceeding they would almost certainly, with your permission obviously, contact your GP to ensure that there was no contra-indication to the use of acupuncture.
We suspect that this would be unlikely, however. Many members see a large number of patients with lower back and disc problems, and acupuncture is even recommended in the NICE guidelines for the treatment of chronic back pain.