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How much acupuncture do I need for low back pain?

Q:  I have low back pain mainly on both sides but the right is much worse on the buttock and toes down to both the outside of my upper and loser legs and my feet feel very tight and and burnign.  I have had 6 acupuncture sessions so far can I expectr better results by having more acupuncture. 


A:  It is very difficult to give you an accurate answer. So much depends on how long you have had the pain, what physical damage there may have been to cause the initial onset of the pain, and what other treatments may have been tried.
All that we can advise is that you discuss with your practitioner what progress they believe has been made, what their own estimate of the prognosis is, and what review periods they think are essential to ensure that you do not have treatment which is not having any useful or sustained effect. We have to be realistic in our work and emphasise that not all problems respond to treatment, and in some cases where the problems do respond the effect does not last. In cases such as these the practitioner may well have other suggestions or recommendations about other forms of treatment which may be better suited to the problem or the person.  

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