Acupuncture and lower back pain

Q: I had an epidural when Ihad my son over 2yrs ago.  Since I have  sufferd really bad lower back pain.  Due to the pain I hardly go out and I have  put on a lot of weight. Do you  think acupuncture could help me?


A: This is quite a difficult question to answer. The official NHS sites quote statistics from studies which demonstrate that there are no long term side effects, perhaps only mild and short-term problems, but a quick internet search reveals hundreds of posts from women who have suffered long term debilitating problems.
It is very important to establish as much as possible what the problem is. In the first instance this means going back to your doctor and trying to get an MRI scan of the area to eliminate the possibility that there has been some damage during the epidural or some form of haematoma or tissue change which is causing the problem. This will determine how good the prognosis is.
It is also important to consider the possibility that the back pain may not be a result of the epidural. Pregnancy involves carrying a large weight at a disadvantageous angle, and if there were any minor irregularities or misalignments of the lower spine, these might have been pushed one stage further by the pregnancy and vigorous exertion of birth.
Acupuncture treatment may offer some hope. As our factsheet shows
there is some evidence that acupuncture can help with non-specific back pain, and the NICE guidelines (which determine what treatment doctors can offer) have included ten sessions of acupuncture as one of the cost-effective options to consider.
Back pains arise for all sorts of reasons, however, and even in Chinese medicine there are dozens of ways of categorising what may be happening. Sometimes this will offer a good prognosis, at other times not. The skill of the practitioner lies in seeing what else is going on in the system as a whole and using this knowledge to understand what patterns of imbalance of energy have developed over the years. It is rare for someone to have only one symptom, and there are often changes to the normal systems which people just accept without mentioning, like digestive problems or sleep disorders which just become the 'normal' order of things.
The best advice we can give, apart from following things up with your doctor, is to visit a BAcC member local to you and ask for their opinion in a brief face to face assessment. This can give you a much better idea of what can be done than we can give here.     

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