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Can acupuncture help with no movement in the hand?

Q: My husband met with an accident.there is no movement of his right hand(braichal plexus injury)whether acupuncture will be helpfull?

A: We have to be honest and say that if there has been serious damage to the nerves in the brachial plexus then we would be very surprised if acupuncture treatment could make a difference. There is a small amount of research literature about nerve regeneration, but this mainly involves experiments carried out on animals, and certainly not on the major nerve bundles of the body.

You may no doubt have read about acupuncture treatment being used after someone has had a stroke, and there is growing acceptance of the fact that the Chinese approach, to start acupuncture treatment within hours of the event, does seem to speed up the recovery of movement. When there has been real damage to the wiring, though, not simply a case of the signal going haywire, it might be more difficult.

However, without knowing more about the accident itself it is impossible to be 100% certain, and there may be factors involved which suggest that there may be some residual function. It may still be worth your husband's while to visit a BAcC member local to you to get a face to face assessment of what may be possible. We have to say, though, that we would only embark on treatment of a problem like this if we could find enough evidence that there was still a good flow of energy to the affected hand and even then we would only offer to try three or four sessions at most before reviewing progress and making a decision about whether to continue.

What we don't like to see is someone in desperation run up a huge bill for treatment which is having no real benefit at all. This is not good for anyone. 

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